Prevent Tooth Decay or Else

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Tooth Decay Oakton Virginia

We’re all guilty of eating sugary foods from time to time or forgetting to floss once in a while.

However, when these habits become routine, they can lead to tooth decay and increase your risk for serious oral health issues.

Continue reading to learn why everyone needs to take steps to prevent tooth decay and make dental care a top priority.

Why Is It Important to Prevent Tooth Decay?

Without proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, plaque can build-up and lead to tooth decay and cavities.

The longer cavities go untreated, the more likely they are to result in an abscessed tooth, which can be an extremely painful and serious dental complication.

What Is an Abscessed Tooth?

We often hear – Prevent tooth decay or else. An abscessed tooth is often the “or else” that many dental providers are referring to.

An abscessed tooth is an infection of the tooth root or between the gum and tooth and typically presents as a pocket of pus.

It may also produce shooting pain or dull, throbbing pain as well as bad breath, fever, swollen neck glands, and discomfort.

While tooth decay is often responsible for abscesses, they may also be caused by a chip or crack in the tooth that allows bacteria to enter.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay and Associated Complications

There are several ways to prevent tooth decay and preserve the health, appearance, and function of your natural teeth.

To start, it’s essential to schedule regular dental cleanings and exams. In addition, be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day to effectively eliminate food debris and plaque.

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