You may be embarrassed by missing teeth, or you might be struggling with speaking and eating properly. If you need to replace a single tooth or several teeth that are adjacent to one another, talk to our dentists about using a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth in your smile.

A dental bridge is exactly what its name implies. It “bridges” the space left by your missing teeth. The dentist will remove the enamel from the two teeth on either end of the gap. Those teeth will receive crowns that will hold the bridge in place. An impression of the area will be taken, which will be used to create your new bridge. The bridge itself is a single prosthetic tooth or several teeth that will fill out your smile that is attached to the crowns. A dental bridge is a fixed replacement, meaning that it is not removable. You can brush your bridge just as you would your natural teeth, and our dentists can give you tips on how to floss it. The dental bridges created by our dentists look natural and function just as your normal teeth, and they can last up to ten years with the proper care.

Some things that might affect your decision include the fact that the two teeth that will gold the crowns need to be prepared before the bridge is placed.
A problem with a tooth under the crown will result in the need for a new bridge
It is more difficult to floss a bridge, but we will talk to you about using a floss pick, floss threader or other interdental cleaner to maintain a clean and healthy smile.

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