X-rays are an important part of your dental appointment and can be extremely valuable in planning your treatment. X-rays can be used to detect bone loss or tooth decay. They can also be used to locate the presence of cysts, tumors or abscesses, damage to existing fillings, infections, problems with tooth roots and developmental issues with your smile. Our dentists may use Digital X-rays as part of your regular examination or to prepare for oral surgery, implant placement, orthodontics or root canal therapy.

You may remember that X-rays used to mean holding a piece of film in between your teeth or against the roof of your mouth with your thumb. But dental technology has changed over the years. Our dentists and team at Oakton Family Dentistry use a handheld digital X-ray system in Fairfax, VA, to take a closer look at your smile. These X-rays utilize digital sensors and are much more comfortable than traditional X-rays and use much less radiation, making them safer for you, and they do not require any chemicals for development. They can be easily stored and accessed and can be sent to other health care professionals or your insurance company if necessary.

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