At Oakton Family Dentistry, our dentists and team embrace the latest technology in order to provide you with quality care. As part of that commitment, we use a CBCT or 3D cone beam scanner in Fairfax, VA, to create detailed images not only of your teeth but of your jaws, neck, ears, nose and throat. Not only does this give us a comprehensive view of your smile and the surrounding areas but it allows us to understand how these tissues and structures are working together. Our dentists can use this imaging system to:

  • Assess the extent of dental and facial trauma
  • Prepare for and plan the progress of an orthodontic treatment
  • Plan for dental implant placement
  • Plan for root canal therapy
  • Evaluate the jaws and face
  • Examine a patient for a TMJ disorder
  • Detect tooth decay or other problems

There are a number of advantages to using the cone beam scanner. Using this technology

  • One scan will produce multiple high-quality images that can be viewed from several angles
  • The amount of information provided in a single scan can provide our dentists with a great deal of information about the hard and soft tissues
  • The process is noninvasive and causes no discomfort
  • The exposure to radiation is greatly reduced

Because this technology provides our dentists with a three-dimensional image, it can be more effective in planning your treatment than a visual exam or with dental X-rays alone. If you would like to learn how our 3D cone beam scanner can enhance your visit and improve your smile, call 703-281-6201 today, and a member of our team will help you plan your visit with Dr. Scimeca, Dr. Elhady and associates.