What Is Gum Grafting?

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Gum Grafting Northern Virginia

Gum recession is a common periodontal issue and affects most women and men – at least to some degree.

However, because it occurs gradually, many people are unaware that they have receding gums.

The good news is that gum grafting can repair recessed gums and improve the appearance of your smile. 

So, what is gum grafting ?

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Continue reading to learn all about gum grafting, including the different types of gum grafts.

What Is Gum Recession?

Before answering the question – What is gum grafting? – it is important to understand the cause, presentation, and implications of gum recession. 

Gum recession is caused by moderate to severe periodontal disease. It is characterized by a loss of gum tissue, such that a larger portion of the tooth becomes visible. In some cases of gum recession, the tooth roots may be seen. 

When left untreated, gum recession can lead to bone loss and damage the surrounding teeth.

What Is Gum Grafting? 

Gum grafting is a dental procedure that applies harvested tissue or an artificial gum graft to repair moderate to severe gum recession.

Not only does it effectively combat the effects of gum loss, it also improves the appearance of your smile.

What Are the Different Types of Gum Grafts?

Gum grafting may be performed with an allograft, a connective tissue graft, a free gingival graft, or a pedicle graft.

An allograft is comprised of an artificial gum tissue and, when placed over an area of gum recession, provides a matrix for tissue to regenerate.

A connective tissue graft harvests tissue from underneath the roof of the mouth and is used when the tooth root is exposed.

A free gingival graft removes tissue directly from the roof of the mouth and applies it to the affected tooth.

A pedicle graft relies on tissue from gums near the area of recession.

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