PatientConnect Portal

Connecting You Electronically to Oakton Family Dentistry

We are pleased to announce the introduction of online patient services through our website. Once you register, you will have electronic access to our practice and be able to:
-Check and confirm appointments
-Make payments
-Send messages to your care team (non-urgent clinical questions)
-Share files
-Write a review and invite friends to join our practice
-Update communication preferences

We are excited about our patient portal and hope you will register and starting taking advantage of these great features!
We want to encourage you to use our patient portal, not just for your own convenience, but because it is a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to share files.
The patient portal gives doctors and patients a secure and convenient way to share files like X-rays, treatment plan presentations and financial documents. With the patient portal, new patients can quickly upload any files they have from a previous provider, and we can securely send information you may need for a visit to a specialist.

How to sign into your patient Portal Account
Click Here and follow the instructions
If you have your email on file with Oakton Family Dentistry, please click the Register Here button below.
If you do not have an email on file, please call the office at (703) 281-6201 and ask them to add your email address to your patient file, so you can access your PatientConnect account.