Best Healthy Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Racked for gift ideas this season? Fear not, because we’ve got some great ones for you.
And we think they’re great because they’re all good for your dental health! You can find these at various retailers.

Electric tooth brush
We love the new features of the Oral-B Pro 7500 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun! And its approved by the ADA (American Dental Association). It’s rechargeable, has a two-minute timer, sensor if you brush to hard and Download the Oral-B app on your smartphone. Use the Bluetooth technology to get real-time feedback while you clean for improved brushing habits. It’s also safe for kids to use- oral B has made a toothbrush head to clean around braces.


A gift that keeps giving! A Monthly delivery of healthy snacks is the perfect gift idea for anyone who likes to try new, healthy foods. Our favorites is UrthBox which provides gluten-free, vegan, classic, and diet options, with one- to six-month subscriptions. UrthBox caters to all kinds of healthy lifestyles. Each box is filled with full-size savory and sweet snacks, such as dried meats, nuts, and granola, and healthy beverages. Stash some at the office, in your purse, and at home.

Noise Machine
According to the CDC, one-third of Americans are not getting enough sleep. This can lead to cognitive impairment and increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mental health issues. A Noise Machine is the perfect way to block out the noises that are preventing your loved ones from getting the good night sleep they deserve. Click here to check out our favorite.

Professional Strength Whitening

Did you know you can get a gift card to the dentist! Who doesn’t want a whiter and brighter smile around the holidays. Call Oakton Family Dentistry today to find out about all of our professional strength whitening options. What we offer will get you a brighter smile faster than anything you can find over the counter. If you want to go with something over the counter, Crest 3D Whitestrips are a decent option. Click here to find out about KOR whitening offered by Oakton Family Dentistry.

S’well bottle

A fashionable water bottle that can hold hot or cold drinks will remind busy caretakers to stop and hydrate! Click here to see all the fun color options.

Great for anyone! Especially people that hate to floss, someone going through orthodontic treatment or someone with a history of gum disease. The Waterpik Aquarius is a professional water flosser approved by the ADA! Research shows using a Waterpik water flosser is equivalent to flossing.

Barbie Careers Dentist Playset
Have a little one who’s into Barbie’s? This would be perfect for any child! Toys like this spike imagination and if your child has a fear of the doctor, watching how your child interacts with the toy could clue you into their feelings.

Children’s books about the dentist or other doctors
There are so many to choose from! These fun stories will help your little ones feel more comfortable at their next dental visit. Check out our favorite here

There you have it! So much dental-inspired fun!